Stefan Fairburn PhD

Octrooigemachtigde in opleiding

About Stefan Fairburn

(Bio)medical imaging, biochemistry, biotechnology, pharmacy, immunology, life sciences, molecular biology, plant breeding

2015-2019: Doctorate Training Programme at University of Nottingham
2011-2014: B.Sc. Biology (Hons.) at University of Leeds

Stefan joined Arnold & Siedsma in December 2019 after completing his Ph.D., working in the Nijmegen Office. He has a background in a range of biological topics; Stefan carried out a Ph.D. research project investigating genetic networks in floral development as his Ph.D. project, along with working in a plant pathogenic nematology laboratory, working as a research technician in Phase 0 clinical trials and covering a variety of subjects during his Bachelors degree. Stefan also completed a three month internship working in technology transfer in China at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus. Stefan has a drive to continue to learn about as wide a range of topics as possible and is always interested in new innovations.

Having joined Arnold & Siedsma, Stefan is keen to learn about and be involved in helping drive the cutting edge of science, getting innovation into the public sphere.

Others about Stefan:
Knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful, friendly


Employment history:
2019-present: Trainee Patent Attorney at Arnold & Siedsma
2018             : Technology Transfer Intern, Li Dak Sum Incubator at University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus
2014             : Clinical Research Technician at Covance


Telephone: +31 24 397 85 38